The Sound of Willie Nelson’s Guitar – Joe Media Group/Mighty Pacer Productions
Transit Lounge – Storyteller Pictures/Vigilant Pictures
Left Behind: World At War Cloud Ten Pictures/Craig Baxley
Chaos – Franchise Pictures/Tony Giglio
Flip Phone – Daniel Kash
Judgment – Cloud Ten Pictures/Andre Van Heerden
Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice Universal/Steven Boyum
Armageddon – Touchstone Pictures/Michael Bay
Trial and Error – New Line Cinema/Jonathan Lynn
Dog Watch – Independent/John Langley
Still Life: The Fine Art of Murder – S.C. Communication/Graeme Campbell
Sing – Tri-Star/Richard J. Baskin
John and the Missus – Independent/Gordon Pinsent
The Housekeeper aka A Judgment in Stone – Rawifilm-Schulz/Ousama Rawi
Flying aka Dream to Believe – Columbia Pictures/Paul Lynch
Threshold – Passage Film/Richard Pearce


Mayor of KingstownParamount+ (Guest Star Season 3)
Stream Queen
Stream Queen Productions (Podcast)
Heartland (Recurring) – CBC & CBC Gem
The Journey Ahead – Hallmark 
(Recurring) – Netflix
Chateau Christmas
Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones (Guest Star) – Facebook Watch Original
Matching Hearts – Hallmark
The Babysitter aka The Baby Monitor Murders – Lifetime
Charmed Reboot (Recurring Guest Star) – CW
Stolen by My Mother: The Kamiyah Mobley Story Lifetime
A Midnight Kiss – Hallmark
Grey’s Anatomy (Guest Star) – ABC
Those Damn Canadians aka Canooks – Web Series/Those Damn Canadians
Flashpoint (Recurring Guest Star) – CTV/CBS
Bullet in the Face (Series Regular) – IFC/Just For Laughs/Muse Ent.

Republic of Doyle (Guest Star) – CBC
My Nanny’s Secret – Lifetime
jPod (Recurring Guest Star) – CBC
CSI (Guest Star) – CBS
Supernatural (Guest Star) – Warner Bros.
Killer Instinct (Recurring Guest Star) – FOX
Eyes (Guest Star) – ABC/Robert McNeil
Kojak (Guest Star) – NBC/Michael Watkins
Charmed (Guest Star) – WB
Nip/Tuck (Guest Star) – FX

NCIS (Recurring Guest Star) – CBS/Various
Rapid Fire – USA Network
Stargate: SG-1 (Recurring Guest Star) – Sci-Fi Network
Mutant X (Guest Star) – Fireworks Entertainment/Tribune Entertainment/Marvel Studios
Dragnet (Guest Star) – Universal
Paradise Virus – PAX TV/Brian Trenchard Smith

Society’s Child – CBC/Lifetime/Pierre Gang
Untitled Secret Service Project (Unaired TV Pilot) – FOX
The Pact – Lifetime/Peter Werner
Monk (Guest Star) – ABC
The Practice (Multiple Episodes) – ABC
The Outer Limits (Multiple Episodes) – MGM/Trilogy
On Hostile Ground – Alliance Atlantis/Mario Azzopardi
Smart House – Disney Channel/MOW

Question of Privilege – Illusions Entertainment/Rick Stevenson
Due South (Guest Star) – Alliance/CBS
The Pretender (Guest Star) – NBC/MTM
Principal Takes a Holiday – Disney/Robert King
Touched By an Angel (Guest Star) – CBS
Homefront (Series Regular) – ABC
Murder One (Recurring Guest Star) – ABC
ER (Guest Star) – NBC
Earth 2 (Series Regular) – NBC
Small Gifts – CBC
To Save the Children (TV Movie) – Children’s Film/The Kushner-Locke
Company/Westcom Entertainment Group
Herman’s Head (Guest Star) – FOX
Tropical Heat (Guest Star) – IO International/SafriTel

The Great Pretender aka Dead End Brattigan (Pilot) – NBC/Stephen J. Cannell
Loving (Recurring) – ABC
Christmas in America – Atlantis Films/King World Productions
Knights of the Kitchen Table (TV Pilot) – CBS/Paramount
Street Legal (Guest Star) – CBC
High Country (TV Movie) – CBC
The Rocket Boy (TV Movie) – Nelvana/Orion Entertainment Corp./Téléfilm Canada
The Campbells (Guest Star) – CTV
Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future (Series Regular) – Landmark Entertainment Group/Mattel/Ventura Pictures, Inc.
Wiseguy (Guest Star) – CBS
True Confessions (Guest Star) – Landsburg Company
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Guest Star) – Universal Television
CBS Schoolbreak Special (Guest Star) – CBS
Kay O’Brien (Guest Star) – CBS
The Truth About Alex (TV Movie) – Insight Production Company/Scholastic Productions
Night Heat (Guest Star) – CBS/CTV
Easy Prey (True Crime TV Movie) – New World Television/René Malo Vidéo
Young Again (TV Movie) – The Magical World of Disney
The Edison Twins (Guest Star) – CBC
Home Free (TV Pilot) – CBC
Workin’ For Peanuts (TV Movie) – HBO
Striker’s Mountain (TV Movie) – CBC
The Littlest Hobo (Guest Star) – CTV
When We First Met (TV Movie) – HBO
Gentle Sinners (TV Movie) – CBC
SCTV: It’s a Wonderful Film – Allarcom Limited/Old Firehall Productions

Hangin’ In (Guest Star) – CBC